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Magnet Programs

Oakton Elementary School is home to many outstanding academic and extracurricular programs.

African Centered Curriculum (ACC) Program

Oakton Elementary is home to the African Centered Curriculum (ACC) program and a tight-knit community of scholars, veteran educators, and engaged families. While students learn the same robust curriculum as other D65 students, teaching and learning centers the identity, heritage, and culture of people of African descent. The ACC program offers a nurturing environment designed to help students achieve academic success, independence and the cultural competence to live and learn in a diverse community. The application process for enrollment in the African Centered Curriculum program is open to all K-5 students across District 65.

View a short video about the ACC program

Two-Way Immersion (TWI) Program

Two-way Immersion (TWI) is a Spanish and English program option for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The TWI program is offered at several District 65 elementary schools including Oakton.

  • TWI classrooms are made up of approximately half Spanish speaking students and half English speaking students. Students have a specially trained bilingual teacher.
  • Reading and writing are taught to students in both English and Spanish in kindergarten through fifth grades.
  • Science and social studies are taught to all students primarily in Spanish in kindergarten through second grades, with opportunities for concept and vocabulary development in English. The language of Science and Social Studies instruction alternates by unit in third, fourth, and fifth grades.
  • Math is taught in Spanish in kindergarten through fourth grades and in English in fifth grade.

Learn more about the Two-Way Immersion program

For more information about the TWI program or to schedule a classroom visit, please contact Oakton Elementary School at (847) 859-8800.